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The BOGOFF is back!!!

AHA & MEE Book Cover

Download ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ for £1.99 or $2.99 and get a free copy of ‘A Higher Authority’.


New Short Story

There’s a new short story on my website, enjoy!

An Apology

Apparently it is now politically incorrect to compliment a woman or have the audacity to ask her out on a date. I formally apologise to all those I have had the impudence to call beautiful, gorgeous or lovely over the years and to those I asked to join me for an evening’s entertainment. Whether they agreed to my subversive behaviour or otherwise does not allow for such indecent and obscene proposals. No doubt when I’m doing porridge for such heinous crimes I will have time to reflect on my sins. Perhaps I can share my cell with somebody from IS and we can deliberate on our misdoings together