My Enemy’s Enemy

I am delighted to inform you that my latest novel is now on sale. It’s called ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ and can be purchased as a download at £1.99 or paperback at £7.99 from all good bookshops. Experience suggests Amazon supply more quickly than other companies

If you’d like a signed copy please come back to me and I’ll let you have payment details
‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ is the sequel to ‘A Higher Authority’ and continues the story of The Organisation.
The Organisation works closely with NATO, but they’re not part of the CIA, MI6 or indeed any national security agency. They are however funded legitimately through government sources from around the world, but nobody would admit to it.

 Surveillance is part of their work, tracking and interviewing terrorists, working in political hotspots, dealing with the Mafia, drug barons, business despots, in fact anyone with a track record of not playing it straight. Their job is to take these people out by fair means or foul, but quietly.

My Enemy’s Enemy is published by Pearce Publishing

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