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Free This Weekend

This weekend my publishers are feeling incredibly generous and have decided to spring clean. They are giving away my novel ‘A Higher Authority’ along with all the books in their catalogue for free!!!!!. Down load them from Amazon – (if you do put a nice comment on for me) Enjoy!!! Look at the complete Safkhet catalogue at



Special Offer

There’s a special offer coming up this weekend on my novel ‘A Higher Authority’ Watch this space


My daughter Rachael Hyde

My daughter Rachael Hyde is currently starring in the up and coming Disney production of Cinderella. Also featuring Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Richard Madden. Directed by Kenneth Branagh. A very proud Dad!


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Hello, I’m on BBC WM 95.6 this afternoon between 3 and 4pm. If you’re out of area you can listen at Once again I’ll be flagrantly pushing my novel ‘A Higher Authority’, its sequel ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ and the Tamworth Literary Festival where I’m appearing on Saturday. I hope you can join me