The Poor Pensioner

Pensioners are being conned and lied to by politicians and its about time someone did something about it. For years we’ve been hearing that pensioners are living longer and this is costing the country £x trillion. (Pick a number, they do.) However politicians conveniently forget to take into account the amount that is paid in inheritance tax taken from a pensioners estate. This is now at an all time high. The longer a pensioner lives, the more that is paid in inheritance tax (at 40%) as house prices continue to rise. Also what about the tax that pensioners pay while alive, be it income tax or VAT, These two sets of taxes more than compensate for pensioners living longer yet their state pensions have been stolen by the government with the pension age increasing by 8 years for women and 3 years for men. Now they even want to take away free prescriptions and TV licences. The government are nothing more than thieves and vagabonds.

Also let us not forget the incompetence of Gordon Brown who wrecked the commercial pensions industry in the early nineties in one stroke with yet another stealth tax.

People who saved for a decent retirement have been abused by incompetent politicians who should be locked away for theft – spread the word, let us show how powerful ‘The Grey Pound’ can be.

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