Scottish Independence

I’ve just written the enclosed to a Scottish friend as I really believe the Scottish people are being conned by second rate politicians. Any thoughts from people across the world would be appreciated.

‘I am an Englishman who loves Scotland, having spent 20 years working for an Edinburgh based company and 9 years living in Edinburgh. If Scotland were to gain independence I would point out the following:-

1 The banks will have to move south, an EU requirement creating unemployment in the financial services sector in Scotland.

2 Scotland will not be allowed into the EU – the Spanish and the Belgians will not allow it as they do not want states within their own countries gaining independence

3 The English do not need Scottish oil. Despite al the hullabaloo fracking will take off as it has in the USA. The rest of Europe will follow debasing the price. We have to, as we cannot be reliant on Russia. In other words when Salmond talks about oil as the way forward he is talking hogwash

4 We might all hate Trident but it creates 8000 direct jobs in Scotland plus the ancillary jobs – Plymouth is salivating at the the thought of Scottish independence.

5 The same can be said for ship building

6 Don’t forget all the government offices based in Scotland which will inevitably move south eg HMRC in Cumbernauld plus operations like the BBC who invest more in Scotland per capita than in the rest of the UK.

7 The Barnet formula works for Scotland, the rest of us will be winners if you gain independence.

8 The Westminster government may not be perfect but looking at the Scottish record I doubt it will be any better – eg the cost of the Scottish government building in Edinburgh rising from £70m to £700m and the tram fiasco in Edinburgh. Let’s not also forget the debacle of the Scottish banks

9 I know Salmond tries to make this sound like an old chestnut but an economy without a currency??? Let’s get real.

10. If Salmond thinks he can walk away from Scotland’s share of the national debt do you honestly believe Scotland will have any credibility in the international money markets? Scotlish credibility will go down the toilet in a similar manner to Argentina

11 Will Shetland want to remain part of Scotland? From what I read the answer is no – another problem with regard to ownership rights of oil.

12 I keep hearing about Norway as an economic model. What about Ireland, much closer to home. Or Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece.

This union may not be perfect but unemployment is falling, GDP is growing, the pound is strong because of international belief and debt is falling. There are many problems but name me one country where you would rather live? The sadness is the Union works for Scotland as well as the rest of the UK.

When I lived in Edinburgh I noticed the independence culture growing. Truth be told this was based on a ‘Braveheart’ mentality created by Hollywood rather than Scotland. The reality is not quite as Mel Gibson would have it. But hey, why let reality ruin a good film? Why let reality ruin a good debate. For the sake of Scotland and the union of 300 years which has worked for all parties don’t believe in the hogwash of the Salmond fraternity They are second rate politicians who will cost you as individuals a fortune. Only England will be the winner.’

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