Feedback on my new book ‘ A Higher Authority’


Well I’m absolutely stunned. I’ve had so many kind comments posted about ‘A Higher Authority’ I felt I had to share them. Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to read the book and then comment:-

Barrie Hyde’s newly released “A Higher Authority” is fast moving, entertaining and a bit of a thriller in places. You get to know and love the characters and just hope that one day you will indeed find out their true identity. If you are off on holiday shortly, I would recommend that you pop this into your luggage or onto your Kindle. You won’t be disappointed

A great read that moves along at a superb pace. Funny, real, down to earth with some great twists and turns. A superb holiday read

Just finished your book! Well Done! Fast-paced and thoroughly credible (as far as I’m concerned) It is now on my Kindle and I’m telling my friends!

…It is really very good. Nice read. Very well written. A few twists and turns and a great ending. Can’t wait for the sequel.

I could not put it down, it was a bloody good read, and I don’t normally read fiction

Great read Barrie well done

‘A Higher Authority’ certainly got me turning pages. When is the sequel arriving?

I enjoyed the book. Lots of luck with it

The book really engaged me

Sex, intrique and danger, what better constituents to pull the reader in.

Your book has the “read-on” factor

Great book for holiday reading keeps you interested right till the end. Well done Barrie for your first novel enjoyed it very much.

Just had to let you know how much I’m enjoying it! Can hardly put it down for trying to find out what happens next! Congratulations-I hope there’s another in the pipeline!

A relaxed beginning which set the scene well and once it got going the pace was amazing.

I ‘couldn’t put it down’ as I wanted to know what was going to happen.

I enjoyed it and I couldn’t put it down!

Good writing!

Your characters are likeable real people who are not afraid to express fear.

I love your writing style.

I was surprised by the ending

A good read

I liked the direct style

You can certainly tell a good tale.

Your dialogue is very strong.

It was apparent that you had the story in your teeth and there was no stopping you.

Confident and very readable.

A good crime set-up

I liked the modern details in the crime fighting, the accountancy, computers, and such

You were living the story and you make the reader live it too.

2 responses to “Feedback on my new book ‘ A Higher Authority’”

  1. sallylomax says :

    Brilliant! Well done.

  2. Sally Lomax says :

    I’ve tweeted this and tagged you. If you retweet it, it’s more endorsement. I tagged lovereadinguk in it too. They have lots of followers. Xx


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