6 Days to go

Even the motor trade are talking about me

Even the motor trade are talking about me – AM is the trade magazine

Well, I hit the big SIX O on Sunday but you know what I’m just going to ignore it. Why? Well quite frankly I’m like a kid with a new toy feeling about twenty one. My book comes out next Thursday and I feel re born!! Age is irrelevent, it’s what you do with your life that’s important! So the publicity machine is starting to ramp up, I’m on BBC London 94.9 and BBC Three Counties Radio on Thursday shamelssly plugging the launch. I’m doing a book signing at Waterstones in Bedford on Saturday 17th May 10am to 4pm. Do come and say hello if you’re in the area. I remember about a year ago standing outside Waterstones thinking, ‘Will my book ever make it into their display?’ Here we are, the dream has become a reality. I keep pinching myself expecting to wake up at any time. To top it all, the first batch of books has arrived, ready to hit the market next Thursday. I’m going to do a JK Rowling and not release them until midnight!! Having said that, cash talks so you could always make me an offer!! You may be hearing a bit more from me over the coming days, and I can’t apologise. All I can say, with the greatest of pleasure is:- ‘A Higher Authority’ will be available from all good book shops in paperback and ebook format as from Thursday 15th May. If you want a signed first edition the cost is £7.99 + £1.65 postage. email barriehyde@hotmail.com to organise payment.


3 responses to “6 Days to go”

  1. Sally Lomax says :

    I have paid £28.92 into your bank account.

    Please will you send three signed and personally addressed complies of your book to us?

    One for Anna, dishing her a happy birthday, one for Daisy wishing her a happy birthday and one for me?

    And, thinking about it, I am going to transfer another £9.64. Please will send one to Derek too, for his birthday? And I’ll order ones fir Emily Laura and Daisy when their birthdays happen.

    Hope the publisher can keep up with the demand!!!

    Sally Xxxxxx


  2. Paul Hyde says :

    I have already paid! In cash. ‘Big Brother, who is watching you’

  3. Latashia says :

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