Late(ish) March Post

Well, another month has gone by and my novel ‘A Higher Authority’ has reached the final phase before publication. So far I have written and proof read the darn thing about half a dozen times. It’s amazing just how many spelling and punctuation mistakes I found. After that the manuscript went to the editor (a lovely girl mentioned previously, young enough to be my Grandaughter!) She found twice as many mistakes as me which says alot about the British education sytem and ‘spellcheck’!.  

The Editor in Chief at Safkhet Publishing (The Almighty)  has now got his hands on it and is doing yet more proofreading,  after which he will send the almost complete version on to layout. (whatever that means!!). Then it comes back to me for ‘last approvals’, and  finally the finished product will be turned into a book! Being serious the attention to detail of these people is incredible and I now see why working with a proper publishing house is so important. 

Apart from all that I’ve been trying to write the sequel. Sadly I keep getting inturrupted by things like a debauched weekend with friends, mowing the lawn, sorting out my dear old Mum after somebody drove into the back of her and sorting out my Dad who lost his hearing aid. The hearing aid centre wanted £2100 for a replacement, the NHS is organising one for free. Why does everybody knock them? (The latter two events could be a blog in their own right but I won’t bore you anymore with them here!). However I reckon the sequel is about 40% complete and I’m actually delighted with the way it’s coming together 

Suffice to say ‘A Higher Authority’ is moving forward and with luck will be published ahead of schedule. Keep watching this space for developments 
From an addled and aged

Barrie Hyde

5 responses to “Late(ish) March Post”

  1. Paul Hyde says :

    Life is a damn nuisance the way in which it gets in the way of important things like debauched weekends and holidays. I really do not know how we coped when we had “day jobs!”

  2. Sally says :

    In really looking forward to the finished product. Writers need real life too though. Otherwise you’d have no new input, so think if the distractions as research, then it’s fine. 😄

  3. Tony Dawson-Hill says :

    Good editing can make or break a book. I’ve ready so many books that I have not enjoyed mainly because of poor editing. So good on yer Baz! I look forward to reading your book.

  4. Natalie Kleinman says :

    Reading your post with great interest as I hope it’s going to be my turn soon – mine too is with ‘The Almighty’.
    Spell-check is a mistake waiting to happen. Don’t you know/no there/their’s always the potential for error.
    Good luck with the book.

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