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Late February Update

So we’ve moved a stage further with regard to publishing the book. The editor has done her job and returned it with comments and suggestions. To be fair she’s been extremely kind and most of the amendments I agree with. I actually met her at a social thingy we writers were invited to a few nights ago. (Such a different environment to anything I’ve been involved in before) She’s a lovely girl, young enough to be my granddaughter!! Can you imagine, there was me, aged 59 surrounded by a gaggle of beauty (all women) with an average age of 23! Living the dream baby!!

The publisher (Safkhet) is now talking about bringing the publishing date forward – incredibly exciting. I’ve also been asked to man the Safkhet stand at The World Science Fiction Convention. It’s in August at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London. Hopefully the book will be out by then and I can sell a few copies. What’s an espionage story got to do with science fiction I hear you ask? Well let’s say it’s set in the near future!!

Golly this is all hard work but a darn sight more interesting than the old day job. To anybody out there, you can teach an old dog new tricks, I’m living proof (ish). Watch this space for further developments!!


February Post

Life is very exciting at the moment. My book ‘A Higher Authority’ is now with the editor at Safkhet Publishing, I’ve been in two local newspapers (see below), on the radio and it’s not even being published until August. I wouldn’t say fame is going to my head, not yet at least but its all lovely!! I’m also working on the sequel, 15,000 words written so far. The easy bit is the writing, that’s just a matter of time. Much harder to publish and market the darn thing! Then there are the book festivals which I’m contacting in order to present and promote the book. That should be a hoot if it comes off

I’ve plugged the book on Facebook, LinkeIn and Twitter so anybody who knows me now knows about the book. The biggest ego trip I’ve had was when Safkhet printed the first chapter on their web page. Suddenly it all started to feel real. Can I now call myself a published author, or do I have to wait until August? Watch this space for further updates