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To All Brexiteers

So there we were, trundling along quite nicely.

Unemployment at the lowest level for decades, employment at its highest. So much for immigrants taking British jobs.

The economy was growing, bad debt falling, inflation low. Everything was coming together.

Then the lies and the bullshit started.

‘Look at the number of immigrants scrounging off us.’

I asked the question, ‘How many EC immigrants are on the dole?’

I got no answer, in other words, not many.

‘Do EU immigrants actually stay here?’

I found the answer ‘No, they work here for enough time to save money and then go home. Meanwhile they are net contributors to our society as they pay tax and national insurance.’

‘What about the criminals, they’re stopping us getting rid of thousands’

I googled this. Amnesty International had the answer – 11 cases were overturned in 2013.

‘What about us losing control of our laws?’ screamed the Brexiteers, ‘They are now made by faceless, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and we don’t agree with them.’

‘Which laws do you not agree with?’

Silence, and then ‘Look at the banana, they insisted all bananas should be the same shape. That proves it.’

Sadly another lie, the shape of bananas were discussed at the EC but no law was ever implemented.

Another question I asked, ‘If we get so called independence how many of these laws will be repealed?’

The answer -‘Probably none, as they all make sense. We will effectively copy paste EU law and employ hundreds of our own unelected bureaucrats to do just that.’

‘Are yes but we’ll save £350 million a week which can be put into the NHS.’

Even Farage denied that the day after the vote.

Paxman did a supposed unbiased documentary on the EC. I thought it was a party political broadcast for the no campaign. I’m surprised the BBC was allowed to get away with such bias. I found his sniggering approach pathetic. It’s always easy to find the negatives in any organisation, especially mammoth concerns like the NHS or the EC. Sadly the positives were rarely mentioned, eg high employment, low inflation, low borrowing costs and economic growth. The old adage comes to mind, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, along with ‘We’ve never had it so good’.

Would I prefer the certainty of where we are now, or the dream world of Gove, Boris, Farage and Paxman?

‘Ah’ they say, ‘ but now the vote has taken place and the people have voted for Brexit. This is democracy at its finest.’

It’s not democracy, it’s lies and bullshit which the mugs fell for. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m retired. It’s the kids I feel sorry for. They voted for the bullshit of Boris, who’s only belief was ‘I want to be Prime Minister’, Gove who’s half an idiot and Farage who’ll say anything to get a vote. False hope, false promise and total bollocks. Thank God for Shiraz, at least most of that comes from outside the EU.

Now it’s all f….d up. For what? Some kind of quasi nationalism. Does it really make a a scrap of difference to me whether laws are made in Westminster or Brussels?

What do I care about? I’ll tell you, People able to work if they want to, a safety net for those in need, a fair and efficient tax system whereby all those that should pay tax do so, including major conglomerates. We were moving in that direction, I’m not saying this nation was perfect, but I keep asking where would I prefer to live. The question is however, ‘where the hell are we going now?’

We have a broken union, a pound decimated, Companies looking at moving operations out of Britain, companies looking to invest in the EU rather than Britain and many people contributing to the wealth of this country who are frightened about their future. The xenophobics have done a great job. It’s obscene.

‘It’ll be okay’ they say, ‘We’ll do a deal with the EU along the lines of Norway.’

Will we? And how long will it take? And how much damage will be done in the meantime? And will it really put us in a better position than we are now?

‘Oh yes but we’ve got the rest of the world to deal with. Look at the growth in India and China, we’ll deal with them.’

Are they really trying to tell us that nobody else is going to deal with these countries? Is every other country going to bow to independent Britain and say ‘After you.’ I don’t think so. Oh and by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed the Chinese economy is buggered and Indian growth is from a very low base line.

And now, all the rats have left the sinking ship, they panicked, knifed each other and couldn’t face the reality. They’ll continue to barrack from the sidelines and continue to contribute sod all, apart from negativity, poverty and despair.

What saddens me are the number of untruths the ‘Out’ campaign told. People voted to leave the EC due to lies. This is not democracy and it makes the result extremely suspect. Many people are now saying they made the wrong decision and should have voted to remain.

Mistakes happen, but we cannot allow the country to fail due to people voting for what turns out to be a pack of lies.

The country is in a mess and we need to be brave. We have to say that due to the unrest there should be a second referendum. If people vote to leave again so be it. However, now people have a much clearer idea of the consequences I think we will get a more balanced decision, based on truth and reality.

Our government owe it to the country to create stability, jobs and wealth. Individuals cannot resign and leave us to an unknown future based on jingoistic woolly thinking with no idea of the consequences. You’d have thought we may have learnt something from the Iraq debacle. Sadly not.

Cameron won the last general election because people believed in his strength. Now his successor needs to show that strength to re create the country we all fought so hard to achieve.

One final thought – Watching and learning about the Battle of the Somme over the last few days puts the whole EU debate into perspective for me. My Grandfather fought at the Somme and was buried for three days following a bomb blast. Mentally he never really recovered. My Father was a flyer with the Fleet Air Arm in WW2. He was with the Artic Convoys keeping the shipping lanes clear from U boats. He spent his 21st birthday being given the last rights. This was after a horrific flying accident when his plane crashed into the sea following take off from an aircraft carrier. He was a very wise and successful man and used to say, ‘The EC is far from perfect but anything that keeps war away from Europe has to be a good thing and worth paying for’.

I see Gove, Farage and Johnson in the same light as those idiot generals from WW1. No plan for what next. Just stupid rhetoric. I’m sickened by the whole thing

We shouldn’t however give up now, we should fight for what is right. That is what true democracy is all about.

The current situation reminds me of the Hans Anderson story ‘The Emperors new Clothes.’ Two weavers conned the Emperor, selling him a supposed invisible suit. They said that wise people will see clothes of the highest quality, only fools will see nothing. The Emperor paraded his new clothes, people pretended to be wise and said nothing. Then a child cried out ‘He isn’t wearing anything at all!’

Farage and Gove were the weavers, the Emperor was Boris, the Brexit voters were the wise people. I see myself as the child.

Be proud Brexiteers, be very very proud

Keith Emerson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Emerson in November 2012 for my radio show ‘The 70s Album Show’ Such a lovely man and so sad that he has moved on to higher service.
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